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S-parts Titanium Titanium Screws Vespa Primavera Sprint 150
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Style :
150 Front disc Screws (5)
150 Front hub screws (5)
150 front shock absorbers (2 screws)
150 front shock absorber cover screw (1)
150 Front caliper fixing screws (2)
150 Battery cover screws (4 screws)
150 Fan cover screws (2 screws +2 gaskets)
150 Exhaust hanger screws (2 screws +2 gaskets)
150 Exhaust hot cover screw (3 pieces)
Drive box side cover screw (9)
150 Drive box air filter cover screw (3 pieces)
150 Engine air filter box fixing screw (2 pieces)
150 rear shock absorbers (3 screws +3 nuts)
150 air nozzle cap (2 pieces)
150 Rear disc fixed 6
Color :
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  • Rustproof: A-grade TC4 titanium alloy material, corrosion-resistant, no rust.
  • Level 10.9: Equivalent to 10.9 grade steel screws. (Only for TC4 material products)
  • Vacuum nitriding & Anodizing: Using "Vacuum nitriding" or "anodizing" coloring process, the color is gorgeous and not easy to change color
  • This product is made of high-quality A-grade titanium alloy material, which is corrosion-resistant and high-strength. Processing is difficult and expensive. It is mostly used in the aerospace field, or international events such as F1 and motorcycle GP.

    Pure titanium: low strength and low price. It is suitable for equipment that does not require strength and only meets anti-corrosion requirements
    Recovery/secondary smelting titanium: inferior quality, low price. There is no security.

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