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S-PARTS Titanium Anti-Theft Screws M10 D19 P1.5 with Various Lengths (L20, L25, L40, L45, L50, L55, L60, L65, L70)
Ideal for Brembo Motorcycle Caliper Fixation
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M10 Anti-Theft Screws D19 Special Tool 【Required Purchase】
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L20 P1.5 /2PCS
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L25 P1.5/2PCS
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L40 P1.5/2PCS
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L45 P1.5
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L50 P1.5/2PCS
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L55 P1.5
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L60 P1.5
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L65 P1.5/2PCS
Anti-Theft Screw M10 L70 P1.5/2PCS
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1. Premium Titanium Material: Crafted from high-quality S-Grade TC4 titanium alloy, our bolts offer an exceptional combination of strength and lightweight properties. Experience durability and reliability like never before.

2. Precision Engineering: Each bolt undergoes precision engineering processes, including CNC machining and forging. This ensures accurate dimensions, consistent quality, and optimal performance for a variety of applications.

3. Vacuum Nitriding and Anodizing Coating: The bolts feature a unique coating that combines vacuum nitriding and anodizing processes. This not only enhances surface hardness and corrosion resistance but also provides a range of vibrant colors. Choose from gold, blue, black, and more, ensuring a long-lasting and attractive finish.

4. Versatile Applications: Designed for versatility, our titanium bolts are suitable for various uses, making them perfect for bike components, motorcycle accessories, and beyond. The robust construction and corrosion-resistant coating make them ideal for both aesthetic upgrades and functional enhancements.

5. Anti-Theft Design (Optional): For added security, some titanium bolts come with anti-theft features. Specific tools are required for installation and removal, ensuring that your valuable components remain protected.

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