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S-parts A3 series titanium alloy screws motorcycle crF1100 whole car modification screws vehicle
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Windshield 6 groups
Trigger guard four groups
4 sets of tank cover
Instrument panel bracket 8
Handlebar four
5 oil tank caps
Car shell logo 6
Six front fenders
Two left bottom guard plates
Two frames on the left
Collateral 2 star
2 chain cases
Chain tensioner 2 sets
6 headlamp guards
10 front brake discs
3 right bottom guard + exhaust guard
Exhaust heat insulation 2
2 engine shields
4 engine shields
Exhaust bracket 1 group
Rear brake pedal 1 set
Shoot the lamp to be eight
4 spotlights bracket
Front guard 4 groups
3 sets of engine side cover
2 sets of clutch cover
Clutch side cover 10
Timing chain adjustment 2
Right side engine group 2
2 sets of screws for left pump
Magneto side cover screw 10 sets
Left guard 4 +2 sets
Sprocket nuts 5
Four on the pump
The calipers 4
The axle has 12 stars up and down
ABS disk fixed 5
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