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S-parts A3 series titanium alloy whole car modification screw KTM790 motorcycle heavy locomotive shock absorbers chain cover
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4 mounting screws for handlebar pressure code
Set of 4 rear foot fixing screws
Engine box set of 58 screws
Handrail fixing screw set of 4 pieces
Two ABS sensor heads are fixed in front and rear
The front seat is fixed with 2
Clutch front brake upper pump fixed screw 4
Chain cover chain cover set of 4 screws
Exhaust fixing screw set 1 set
Four on both sides of the front fender
6 front shock absorbers locking screw set
Front caliper locking screw set 4
Water tank on both sides of the plate fixing screws 4
One titanium ruler fixing screw
Two oil tank side plates are fixed
Oil tank cover screw set of 7 pieces
Head PP screw set 11 pieces
Handlebar balance terminal screw set 2
2 sets of exhaust side plate fixing screws
Original pump oil can cover 3
The former factory director tail plate frame fixed 3
4 sets of main and auxiliary frame fixing screws
The original pedal is fixed on the frame
Fixed hole position of rear rocker lifting nail
4 fixing screws for rear handrail after removal
Two screws for rearview mirror plug
Rear sprocket tooth plate fixing set 6 sets
The whole car titanium alloy screw modification 183
Front axle locks the bottom 4 left fork
The front wheel disc is fixed 10 on both sides of the original wheel hub
Front caliper tubing exhaust single hole assembly 2
Headlamp fixed base under the Samsung two sides
The rear brake oil can is fixed on the bracket
Remove 4 feet from both sides of passenger foot
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