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S-parts A3 series titanium alloy screws MOTORCYCLE GSX250 whole car refitting screws vehicle foot fixing
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Style :
13 right clutch edge cover
10 left magneto side cover
Two fixed screws for three stars
Brake handle fixed screw 2
One clutch handle is fixed
Left and right foot fixing screws 6
1 set of exhaust fixing screws
4 rear foot fixing screws
4 rearview mirror fixing screws
4 windshield screws
Two front fenders
Two front caliper fixing screws
Abs wire harness fixed 2
5 fixing screws for oil tank cover
8 screws for upper side panel
Top pump oil can cover 2
Two rear rocker arm nuts
The rear ABS head is fixed with 1
Front and rear ABS plates are fixed *6
5 rear sprocket nuts
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  • Rustproof: A-grade TC4 titanium alloy material, corrosion-resistant, no rust.
  • Level 10.9: Equivalent to 10.9 grade steel screws. (Only for TC4 material products)
  • Vacuum nitriding & Anodizing: Using "Vacuum nitriding" or "anodizing" coloring process, the color is gorgeous and not easy to change color
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