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S-parts A3 titanium alloy screws are suitable for apulia RS660 motorcycle refitting screws
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Front clay plate 4
Four on the outside of the windshield
Instrument cover 2 pieces
6 oil tank caps
Three clay tablets after
Two key covers
Two one-word pumps for rear brake
After the oil can fixed 1
Rear caliper fixed 2 groups
Two rear calipers
Rear caliper tubing exhaust latch 3
The front disc is fixed with 12
Fix the left and right sides of the front calipers
Front caliper latch 2
Two front caliper tubing
Rear brake disc fixed 5
Sprocket nuts 5
Four on the bottom of the back seat
One brake lever
1 retaining rod
Order two starting cars
Two ABS heads are fixed before and after
Original handle 4
Pull cable clutch 1
Rear axle nut 1
Modified TWM clutch 4
Original clutch brake fixed 3
15 left and right side plates
One set of lid for large oil pot
Two balance terminals
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