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S-parts A3 series screws are suitable for Honda CM500 motorcycle titanium alloy refitting screws
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Fix 4 inside front fenders
Front axle fixed 4
Front caliper fixed 2 groups
The front disk is fixed with five
Front ABS sensing disk fixed 5
Front and rear caliper tubing + exhaust 4
Front shock absorption fixed (Samsung column)2 +2 groups
Instrument fixed 2
Four handlebars are fixed
Fixed 4 left and right upper pumps
Top pump oil can cover 2
Brake turning point 1 group
Four electric control boxes are fixed on the left and right
Oil tank cover fixed 5
Anti-fall guard rod fixed 6 groups
Fix 4 front feet
Rear foot fixed 4
Exhaust fixed assembly 1
Rear shock absorption fixed 4 groups
One chain cover is fixed
5 rear sprocket nuts
Rocker arm adjustment nut 2
Rear cushion fixed 1
Rear tail frame fixed 4
Rear caliper fixed 1 set
ABS line fixed 4
Bell mouth fixed 1
Four rear plates are fixed
Engine pylon 2 sets
Water pump U-shaped guard plate 1 group
Exhaust front nuts 4
Small flying cover fixed 2
Stop lever fixed 1 group
Left side water pump cover 2 sets +2
Left side cover 8 +5 groups
Right side cover 12 +2 groups
Medium cylinder fixed 2 groups
Timing chain adjustment 2 groups
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