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S-parts Titanium ALLOY BMW S1000RR 2018 Titanium screw and nut
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Style :
Headlamp fixing screw (4 pieces)
Windscreen (6 screws +4 nuts)
Tank top cover + two side plate screws (7)
Body side panel screws (6)
Screw for front turn signal lamp (2 pieces)
Upper pump oil can bracket fixing screw (1)
Clutch pump fixing screw (1)
Oil tank fixing + upper pump fixing screw (4 pieces)
Front fender screws (4 PCS)
Top + Bottom Samsung Connecting Plate Screw (8)
Front foot screws (4)
Rear tail housing + rear turn signal (4 pieces)
Rear fender screws (3 pieces)
Chain cover screw (1)
Rear shock absorber screws (3)
Rear plate screw (6 PCS)
Sub-frame link (screw + gasket + nut)
Rear foot screws (4)
Front ABS plate fixing screw (6)
Front plate setting screw (12)
Front axle fixing screws (4 pieces)
Front caliper secure (4 screws +4 gaskets)
Screws for front and rear speed sensors (2 PCS)
Set screws for front shock absorbers sensing head (6)
New subframe 4 screws
Color :
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  • Level 10.9: Equivalent to 10.9 grade steel screws. power Strength equivalent to 10.9 grade steel screws light Steel Titanium Aluminum * Under the same specifications, the weight is about half of that of steel screws, close to that of aluminum screws
  • Pure titanium: low strength and low price. It is suitable for equipment that does not require strength and only meets anti-corrosion requirements
    Recovery/secondary smelting titanium: inferior quality, low price. There is no security.

Using the vacuum nitriding coloring process, the color penetrates into the metal surface, and the color is bright and durable. It will not fade easily with non-strong scratches.

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